Saturday, August 14, 2010

Road to Rain Progress

The landscape is going much better than I had anticipated! Hurray!

But I discovered a new nemesis: the road. I have absolutely never done a road before. And, as easy as it seems, it's not. Here I'm trying to make it into a 'dirt road', but the two tracks just make the road look odd. Common, let's all admit: this road is horrible!

So, I'm turning it into a paved road. I think the gray pavement will look better with the hues in the sky as well. The brown is just so out of place.

I'm having trouble making the road not look so flat. I will look up some techniques and try again once it dries a little.

What's left: some yellow on the roadside, hydro poles (possibly another nemesis), and correction of the road. I'm getting there! I think it's been 12 hours invested into this piece so far, so it's going quite well!

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