About Me

I'm a completely self-taught artist, unless you count high school. This blog is documenting my dabbling in oil paints. I originally (and still) paint in watercolors, with a little bit of dabbling in acrylics here and there. My personal success has been in watercolors, with my shop: Jellybeans on Etsy.

But then, one rainy day as I was 'spring' cleaning, I came across a few tubes of oil paints that I had purchased years ago for a personal painting project for my older sibling. At that point, I was teaching myself watercolors and developing myself through them, so I was not even the least bit interested in a long-term-oil-relationship.

I was just about to toss them, and then thought I would take a few hours to dabble. Well, the dabbling was successful, and I was liking what I could do with them. It wasn't very impressive work, but I could visualize the potential. The colours remained so vibrant, and I was able to manipulate well past the few minutes that I had with the watercolors. The new versatility of the medium and techniques that I could incorporate just flooded my mind. I knew I had to play more.

Enter 'Angie in Oil'. I wanted to share my pieces, and show my progress. Although it is the complete opposite of watercolor,  I feel that I am able to make a connection with this new medium in my life. It's interesting that some days I only feel like watercolor, and some days only oil. It's adding a new breath of fresh air into my artistic mind, and changing my creativity and abilities.