Monday, February 7, 2011

A little painting

Things have been getting busy getting ready for my trip - we leave o the 12th to the Dominican Republic for a friends wedding. I'm super excited!

I've recently picked up some larger canvas sizes - a couple 20x24" and 16x16". I am going to tackle my first large scale painting. It's going to be a 20x24" painting, based on a picture I took of the autumn leaves a while back at my parent's place in the country (Northern Ontario).

I made this little 5x7" painting to try and plan the colours I want to use and to see what works and what needs to be changed, in an effort to try and prevent these mistakes on the larger scale - which will take more time and supplies to correct.

This little gem is for sale in my shop. These little paintings are perfect gifts, and are totally affordable. The size, 5x7" is perfect as well, to just pop into any frame that will hold that size - no need for custom framing :)

I will be updating with the larger one soon.

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