Thursday, October 14, 2010

Autumn Oil Painting Progres

The painting is past it's half way mark, and I'm still loving how it's turning out. I have a lot more leaf work, the sky and the focal tree trunks left. I need to add some dimension to the orange leaves, they seem just a little too flat compared to the rest of the painting I think. The painting is also starting to build up some texture as well - I love textured paintings :)

For those wondering, the painting is 8x8" (just a small one), on 1.5" gallery canvas. I really enjoy working with the gallery canvas, because when it's all done it's not necessary to frame and to me things always look better with the nice thick edge. It also makes it easy to place in your house - you can hang it, or just set it on a shelf, since it's able to hold itself up!


  1. i really love how this is coming along! i agree, the gallery canvases are nice.

  2. Beautiful flowers and beautiful painting of it,I loved watching the progression of it!I am a big fan of Autumn Oil Painting.All the gallery canvases are very beautiful.

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